New outlet for LED lighting industry

In the relatively stable and mature stage of the LED lighting market, new things and new technologies are still emerging, pushing the tentacles of the industry to continue to extend to more new areas. In recent years, the LED lighting industry has gradually formed many new development trends based on the changes in the overall environmental demand and the demands of industry differentiation. The trend of market segmentation has become more and more obvious, and business opportunities have also increased.

From the perspective of lighting and display applications, the construction of smart cities has accelerated the development of smart street lamps and smart commercial display industries, and promoted the upgrading of urban road lighting and landscape lighting; the development of Internet of Things technology and the improvement of energy conservation and environmental protection awareness have driven The demand for smart/healthy lighting is growing; the era of ultra-high-definition display has given birth to new display technologies such as Mini/Micro LED and flexible display. Each link in the upstream and downstream of the LED industry, whether it is the manufacturer or the product itself, has ushered in new development opportunities and challenges .

On the one hand, in response to changes in market demand, the materials, equipment, and manufacturing processes of new products need to be specifically addressed. Market support, optical design, structure and patch services need to be re-developed.

On the other hand, the investment in product switching is large. For mature lighting manufacturers, the materials for supporting light sources are usually fixed. Therefore, switching the light source will bring about material change time and cost issues. However, related manufacturers continue to break through technical difficulties, and costs are gradually decreasing. In view of this, as the demand for overall lighting upgrades continues to grow, the prospects for applications such as high-end lighting are very promising.

In the past two years, the promotion of smart city construction and the energy-saving and specialization of urban lighting construction have promoted a wave of outdoor lighting renovations everywhere. The increasing demand for replacement of lighting fixtures such as tunnels, highways and bridges has stimulated the development of products in all links of the LED lighting industry chain.

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